Online platform to assist people with disabilities launched

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Online platform to assist people with disabilities launched(图1)
The newly-launched online platform providing updated news and social services for people with disabilities is available at https://cdpservice.com

A comprehensive online platform to provide people with disabilities with updated news and social services was launched on Friday, International Day of Persons with Disabilities that falls on Dec 3 every year.

The Love Sunshine China Disabled Person's Comprehensive Service Cloud Platform -- initiated by Beijing-based Huaxia Publishing House and the China Commission of Promotion of Publicity for the Undertakings of Chinese Disabled Persons -- aims to integrate physically and mentally impaired people into society to share the progress of material and spiritual civilization, according to Pan Ping, head of the publishing house.

Focused on the practical needs of people with disabilities and their families, the platform aggregated recent news and policies regarding education resources, information on job opportunities, prevention and rehabilitation, assistance as well as legal services.

The platform will provide vocational trainings on fields like e-commerce, livestream broadcast, nail beauty, tea art and coffee making, and launch career skills competitions in 2022.

The website of the platform: https://cdpservice.com.

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