Report lays out record of Chinese democracy

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Report lays out record of Chinese democracy(图1)
The Great Hall of the People in Beijing. 

Pursuing Common Values of Humanity -- China's Approach to Democracy, Freedom and Human Rights

New China Research, the think tank of China's Xinhua News Agency, released a report titled "Pursuing Common Values of Humanity-China's Approach to Democracy, Freedom and Human Rights" on Tuesday.

The report gives an in-depth account of the achievements made by the Communist Party of China in holding high the banner of people's democracy and making the Chinese people masters of the country, society and their own destinies.

It also aims to explain the historical, practical and theoretical logic of the Chinese people's pursuit of the common values of humanity.

The report was released in Beijing and Geneva, Switzerland, with about 100 think tank experts and scholars from more than 40 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America attending online or offline.

The report has English and Chinese versions. The main points and typical cases in the report will be disseminated in Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese and Mongolian through the media of various countries.

The 19,000-word report consists of four chapters: The Running of the Country by the People-The Overarching Logic of Pursuing the Value of Democracy; Whole-process Democracy-a New Form of Implementing People's Sovereignty; A Democracy that Works-A Touchstone for Testing Institutional Effectiveness; and The Wisdom of Practice-The Enlightenment of Pursuing Common Values of Humanity.

The think tank's research team finished the report after conducting in-depth research in about 30 provincial regions, interviewing experts, scholars and people from all walks of life at home and abroad, and holding a number of symposiums.

A documentary produced by the think tank was also released with the report, featuring six ordinary Chinese people telling vivid stories about democracy, freedom and human rights in China through their own experiences.

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