Young volunteers share benefits of experiences

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Young volunteers share benefits of experiences(图1)
A volunteer who will serve at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics helps people experience floor curling in Beijing on Sunday at an event organized by Peking University to celebrate the 36th International Volunteer Day and pass on the spirits of volunteerism. 

Young volunteers around China shared the personal benefits of their involvement in a range of volunteering activities in an online event on Sunday, which was the 36th International Volunteer Day.

They said they hoped their stories would inspire more people to dedicate their time and expertise and become proud volunteers.

Representatives of young volunteers who have been busy helping to vitalize China's rural areas, fight the COVID-19 epidemic and teach in schools in less-developed western regions, as well as those who will serve at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, shared their experiences via video during a livestreaming event hosted by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Chinese Young Volunteers Association.

The three astronauts of China's Shenzhou XIII mission sent their greetings to young volunteers in a video sent from the orbiting Tiangong space station.

"In recent years, young Chinese volunteers have been devoting themselves to epidemic control, poverty alleviation, rural vitalization, community development and emergency responses," Senior Colonel Wang Yaping, one of the astronauts, said in the video. "They have shown a great sense of responsibility."

Senior Colonel Ye Guangfu, another astronaut, said he hoped that the young volunteers would carry forward the spirits of volunteerism-dedication, friendship, cooperation and development-and continue to serve the people.

According to a plan on young volunteers' work formulated by the league's central committee, China will have more than 100 million registered young volunteers by 2025.

In a video made by Olympic volunteers from Peking University, Jiang Yuxin, who will serve at the Ice Cube, where curling events will be held, said he had been surprised to see former volunteers at the Beijing 2008 Olympics who were now professionals training volunteers for next year's Games.

Jiang, a law student, has trained in venue operations and has learned about the sport of curling and how to serve people with disabilities. He also took part in test events in October.

"One of the stadiums at the university was a venue for Beijing 2008," he said. "Every time I see the logo of the Games on the stadium, it brings back memories of how Chinese people were passionate about the Games.

"Beijing 2022 will surely make young people feel proud about the country and fall in love with winter sports."

Jiang said he hopes the Beijing 2022 volunteers will impress the world with their enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication.

Dong Jiachen, another Olympic volunteer from Peking University who will serve at the Ice Cube, said volunteer work helps her connect with others and wider society, giving her an irreplaceable sense of accomplishment.

"I will try my best to be a Beijing 2022 volunteer who can solve problems efficiently and let visitors from home and abroad feel the warmth of China's young people," Dong said.

Jiang said doing volunteer work should be integrated with people's day-to-day life.

"After serving Beijing 2022, I will join the team of volunteer teachers and stay in schools in relatively less-developed western regions for a year," he said. "I believe I can gain a lot from different volunteering experiences."

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